Flarn-Munching Priestess of Z'Ha'Dum (commanderd) wrote in cf_debate,
Flarn-Munching Priestess of Z'Ha'Dum

One thing that riles up the other communities..

..is when someone buys a pet, looks after it and then promptly ditches it when junior arrives on the scene.

Someone on one forum said this question should be asked of prospective pet owners:

No one should ever get a pet until they have been asked the following question A) Will you get rid of the pet if you have a child?

If they answer yes to the question then they shouldn't be allowed a pet.


Additional info: One of the CF communities that I left (I don't agree with all of them) had a post by someone who defended their friend who got rid of the cat they had had for YEARS because her 3 year old son kept playing with the cat litter box.
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