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Childfree Debate and Discussion

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CF Debate is a community for the Childfree and parents alike to come together and debate issues to do with being childfree, birth control, sex ed, abortion, government discrimination, and other things.

Confused about some of our terminology? See the Glossary of Childfree Terms at Happily Childfree.

Both childfree and parents are allowed to join in the debates here, We just have a few rules to keep the debate civil:

1 - While we fully agree with freedom of speech, we ask you to remain respectful towards other people's lifestyles, experiences and opinions. This means that under no circumstances may you try to "convert" people to your way of thinking.

Examples of this could be:

  • Telling someone "You'll want kids eventually" and other similar statements, which are often referred to as Breeder Bingo by CFers.

  • Preaching your religion to other people. People do not come to this comm to be preached at.

  • Telling a religious person that their beliefs make their opinions somehow wrong, or less worthy of consideration.

  • Use of derogatory terms to describe either side of the fence, or the middle. (Ex. Breeder, Moo, Freetard, etc)

  • Parents telling other parents how to raise their children. This will also not be tolerated under any circumstances. While you may offer an opinion or advice on other's parenting styles, you may not try to tell them that their way is wrong and that yours is better.

2 - No trolling. If you disagree with someone and feel the need to insult them, take a step back, calm down and reply later when you are calmer. Taking things into personal journals doesn't achieve anything but drama. To be clear about this, DO NOT TAKE ARGUMENTS FROM HERE INTO PERSONAL JOURNALS. Especially moderator disputes. If there is an issue with a moderator, e-mail
ulfrslady. DO NOT TROLL, this will result in an immediate banning from cf_debate.</lj>

3 - No flaming. This is different from rule number 1, being as this doesn't pertain to lifestyle or opinions. If you insult another member of the comm for any reason, you will be warned, removed from commenting, and then banned from the community.

4 - Don't be a coward. Once a post is up, it is up. Do not delete your posts after you make them unless there are formatting errors that cannot be fixed with an edit. Do not disable comments. If you feel you have something to say about us that could get you in trouble, say it in your personal journal or come to one of the mods with your problem (There's an open thread on cfd_mods). We're usually pretty open to suggestions.</lj>

5 - Do not post any pictures that aren't directly related to the topic at hand. This means that showing pictures of your children in response to someone who is very pro-choice is a big no-no. If you want to show off your children (or your pets), do it in your personal journals.

6 - Refrain from making generalisations. The reason for this rule is that generalisations are not conducive to good debate. Such examples of this would be "All childfree hate kids" or "All SAHMs are lazy" or "all members of
cf_hardcore are insane" or "all members of Babycenter are insane"..

7 - Don't drag in wank. If you have a problem with another community or person then don't bring it in here. There are endless wank comms you can vent your spleen in if you feel the need to do so. This goes for any community, be it parenting or childfree.

Members are generally expected to be adult enough to engage in a civilized debate/discussion without heavy moderator intervention being required. To that end we are no longer operating on a 3 strikes system. You will get one warning and upon your next infraction you will be gagged while the mods vote on allowing you to remain in the community. Thank you for your cooperation.

If you have questions or concerns that you wish to bring to the attention of the mods, please come over to cfd_mods and leave a comment in the open post. Comments are screened.

Your Mods: grifen411, ulfrslady, sdragon, glossolalia, and karnythia</lj>

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